What's this website about?

There are A LOT of screenplay contests out there.

Some of them are run by very genuine folks who offer good prizes and opportunities for writers.

Others are scam artists at worst, non-professionals at best, who take your entry fee and offer not much in return.

This website is dedicated to helping you figure out who you're dealing with
before you hand over the entry fee.

Don't be fooled by a lot of hype on their web pages. Just because somebody is good at self-promotion doesn't mean they are good at running a screenplay contest.

We give writers a chance to do the following:

1. Rate contests.

2. Vent about your experiences.
3. Find great contests to enter.

The current Top 5
Screenplay Contests:
(based on writers' ratings and comments)

1. Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
The Buzz: Huge cash award and tremendous prestige. (This is The Academy's screenplay competition.) But the competition is fierce so it's hard to get noticed here. (Just like Hollywood!) The entry fee is low, so it's not too much of a gamble to give it a shot!

2. PAGE Intl Screenwriting Awards
The Buzz: They offer winners in different categories so there are more chances to win and the prizes are significant.

3. Script Savvy Monthly Contest
The Buzz: Hands down the best feedback you'll get for the money. Some industry exposure for winners. Enter this one if you want awesome, friendly feedback and a chance to win every month.

4. FilmMakers Intl
The Buzz: Good industry exposure with this contest for the top 20 scripts! But the entry fee is a bit pricey considering there is no feedback.

5. BlueCat Screenplay Contest
The Buzz: Big prizes and industry exposure. These guys have a lot going on - symposiums and such. Always some action over at Blue Cat! They also offer feedback but the reviews on that are mixed so far.